Me and Candace Keillor

I also met Candace Keillor of The Dancing Bug!

Last year was an exciting one for Dance World Takeover. Funny angry emails, new milestones, and controversial blog posts. Yup, it’s been a good year.

Let’s review what happened on DWT in the past 12-ish months.

P.S. You’ll need to read all the way to the end for the “funniest angry email” award.

DWT Accomplishments in 2012

Redesigned the website.

Remember my old site design? This year, Ally Stoneham designed me a fabulous new logo and website. I seriously spent hours just staring at its beauty after I installed it. Awesome, ain’t it?

Wrote an eBook.

On September 26, 2012, I published The Beginner Dancer’s Survival Guide.

So far as I know, writing eBooks on dancing is not a normal thing for lindy hoppers to do. However, I was tired of doing normal lindy hop things. Additionally, people occasionally offer me money just because they like my blog.

LIGHT BULB! Why not have a product to sell? Blog donations are SO 2011. And my first eBook idea was born.

The software I use to sell it doesn’t give me stats on everyone, but I do know the book has international readers in Switzerland, Argentina, Australia, England, Italy, Canada, and Denmark.

Email subscriber count passed 1,000.

Party Candles on a Slice of Birthday Cake

Though it technically happened just after the New Year, I’m not going to wait until 2014 to talk about this exciting milestone.

What do I do with this email list? I give weekly dance practice tips in small, digestible chunks—the exact types of things I work on in my own dancing.

Why not just post these on my blog? Because if I have your email address, I can share stuff with you more easily and personally. I’m also more motivated to share high quality tips, since I know a large number of people read my emails every week.

Filmed 1st Youtube Series, “Lindy Hop Steps Made Easy.”

Lindy Hop Step Made Easy” is apparently an extremely good series title, as those videos have received roughly 77,000 views altogether. With 376 subscribers and just 10 total videos posted, I’m pretty happy with my progress.

You can see all 43 minutes of dance instruction here.

Created 2 more free resources for dancers.

No More Rejection! The 8-Part Series for Dancers and The Dance Practice Blueprint (1700 downloads!!) are two more projects I’m proud of.

In addition to all this, I gave some talks, helped some people learn to dance, traveled a bunch and met cool people. Oh, and I wrote a whole bunch more blog posts. Here are the best of those:

Best Posts Of DWT 2012

Most Shared

A number of my readers are intermediate/advanced dancers. I think they often share my posts because they agree with my viewpoint and want to tell the world, “Everyone should read this!”

Take The Curse of the Entitled Dancer, for example. It got 1,205 interactions on Facebook and a ton of positive feedback. However, there’s a downside to being the person saying out loud what everyone is secretly thinking: I also get to take the all the flak.

Most Talked About

But to see some serious criticism, check out 31 Signs You’re Not an Advanced Dancer Yet. When you want to spark outrage, defensiveness, and confusion in the lindy hop scene, just knock everyone’s egos down a few notches with the least explanation possible.

The Hidden Reason We Become Lindy Hoppers gets an honorable mention because it inspired several full blog posts in response.

Most Underrated

This year I don’t have a super-underrated post I love that nobody saw. But there’s one post I wish more people would read and take to heart: What If There Were No More Dance Spaces?

Don’t take dancing for granted.

Funniest Angry Email of 2012

“So how come you haven’t responded yet Mrs. Racist? Too busy with your Neo-Nazi dance classes?”


Surprising how many cat pictures come up when you do a Google image search for 'neo nazi dance classes.'

Said an angry reader after I failed to respond to an email I received 3 days before Christmas while on vacation in the Philippines. To read the whole sordid account, check out this thread on Facebook.

Moral of the story: if you are going to write me an angry, insulting email, I might post it to Facebook so we can have a discussion about you.

Oh, and there’s another moral: I listen to community input. Thanks, guys!

What’s Next for 2013?

More videos, more blogging, more teaching, more fun projects! If you’d like to keep tabs on me and DWT, just sign up for the email list below. Seattle dancers can click here to get on my VIP List for local classes and workshops.

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