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Equal-Opportunity Connection

Equal Opportunity Connection tileLength: 49 pages, 9,186 words. Requires 30-60 minutes plus an hour or more for practice.

Level: All levels

Description: Discover a more complete understanding of the lindy hop dance conversation. In this course, you'll learn how to approach your partner as an equal. You'll also practice initiating and responding to create highly playful, skilled, orgasmically enjoyable dances.

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Secrets of Better Dance Practice

Secrets of Better Dance Practice tileLength: 55 pages, 10,057 words. Requires at least 60-90 minutes to digest, and as much time as you want for practice.

Level: All levels

Description: How do you improve faster at dancing? Everything comes more easily when you are good at practicing. This course will show you how to kick ass at practice.

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No More Dance Rejection!

No More Dance Rejection tileLength: 43 pages, 8,077 words. Requires 30-60 minutes to digest, longer to internalize.

Level: All levels

Description: Tired of struggling with rejection? Become immune to dance rejection, once and for all! Includes 3 sections: "Are You Doing It Wrong?" "Make More Friends!" and "Just Don't Be Creepy."

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Lindy Hop Steps Made Easy: Solo Jazz!

Solo Jazz tileLength: 7 videos, about 42 minutes. Requires at least a couple hours of practice.

Level: Great for beginners. Intermediate+ can use this course for review.

Description: Learn a series of 6 solo jazz moves and a routine at the end. Includes apple jacks, suzie Qs, swivels, the lock turn, boogie drops, and all the transitions between. Notes underneath each Youtube video.

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