As requested, the Suzie Q! It’s a solo lindy hop step that some of my Facebook fans said they find confusing.

When learning any solo jazz step, always remember to go back and work on the things you find difficult. Successful dancers spend the most time working on things that are frustrating for them. You can do it too!

The Video:

Here are the steps:

0:21 – Demonstration of Suzie Q
0:29 – #1 Direction of Suzie Q. Usually to your left; can go either way.
0:45 – #2 Foundation layer. Sideways step, right foot goes in front of left. Torso stays pointed forward. Bend the knees!
1:09 – #3 Right leg layer (front leg). Weight on your heel, rotating the leg in and out (more outward than inward). Bend the knee!
1:42 – #4 Right leg layer with sideways step. Rotate out as you step onto your left foot. Bend the knees!
2:27 – #5 Left leg layer (back leg). Weight on ball of foot, rotating leg in and out (more outward than inward). Bend the knee!
3:02 – #5 Left leg layer with sideways step. Rotate in as you step onto your right foot. Bend your knees!
3:41 – #6 Putting it all together.
4:16 – #7 THE COUNTS! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left.


  • The deeper your knees bend, the cooler it looks. Be prepared for tired legs.
  • You might notice the legs coordinate nicely. Both rotate out at the same time, then back in at the same time. Try to make those rotations symmetrical. (See 3:21 for a discussion of how far the legs rotate inward.)
  • What about the arms? You can see I have mine on my hips in the video. I do that so as not to distract from the legs. You can do whatever feels natural.
  • Be crisp with your movements for the Suzie Q. As always, go back and practice each step multiple times.

Solo Jazz tileCheck out the whole course! Watch Lindy Hop Steps Made Easy: Solo Jazz.

Thanks for watching. Leave questions if you got ’em!

P.S. I think it’s pretty funny that my “nice deep knee bend” at 3:56 is actually pretty weak. If you think I need to get in better shape, you can egg me on at the Dance World Takeover Facebook page.

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