Warning: This week’s lindy hop step is not for people who give up easily! Today you’re learning the lock turn.

Turns require more determination to learn. Practice lots! There’s no shortcut to learning the balance and control you’ll need to nail the turn every time.

HANDY TIP: Make sure to practice in both directions to keep from getting too dizzy. That will also give you better control.

Here’s the Video:

Step-by-step Instructions:

0:19 – Demo & Basic Concept.
0:45 – #1 Practice the “lock” position. Bend knees and turn legs out a little at the hips. Face your body slightly to the left. Cross right leg over left. The front of the right knee should be touching the back of the left knee.
1:42 – #2 Jumping into the “lock” position.
2:14 – #3 Turning. Transfer weight to back foot and bring the other foot to it. Push out of floor and use your “wound up” body position to turn. Your upper body will unwind first, and your legs will follow.
3:03 – #4 Counts 5-8! Jump and land in “lock” position on 5. Turn 6, 7, 8.
3:30 – #5 Counts 1-4**. Kick across with the right leg on 1, 2. Rock step (right, left) on 3, 4. Lock on 5, etc.
4:10 – #6 Putting it together in 8 counts! Back view.

**Can be changed up depending on the choreography. Or how you’re feeling that day.

More Handy Tips!

  • Make sure your weight is evenly split between both feet in the “lock” position, just before you turn. You may find it helpful to lift your left heel (back heel) a bit.
  • Remember to transfer weight to the back foot near the beginning of your turn.
  • Both knees bent, yo.
  • Practice slowly at first, then build up speed.
  • If you need to take a step to regain balance after you turn, practice by slowing it down and using more control.
  • Oh, and as always, pulse up and down through counts 1-4.

Solo Jazz tile
Check out the whole course! Watch Lindy Hop Steps Made Easy: Solo Jazz.

Didja get it by the end? Is there anything that’s still difficult for you? Leave a comment and share what you learned!

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