All the solo moves in the Lindy Hop Steps Made Easy series in one routine!

Is it slow enough for a beginner? Absolutely.

Does the slow tempo make it hard for intermediate dancers to perfect? Muah ha ha, why don’t you find out?

The song is Wallingford Wiggles on the “Harlem Mad” album by Glen Crytzer and his Syncopators. Get the song here.

Watch the Video:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

0:10 – Demo
1:51 – #1 List of All Moves
2:03 – #2 Choreography Learning Strategy: memory & transitions
2:31 – #3 Shorty George to Apple Jacks
3:24 – #4 Apple Jacks to Boogie Drops
3:51 – #5 Boogie Drops to Suzie Q left
4:31 – #6 Suzie Q left to Suzie Q right
4:57 – #7 Suzie Q right to Lock Turn
5:53 – #8 New Move OMG!
6:50 – #9 New Move to Swivels forward
8:02 – #10 Swivels forward to scooting back


  • Many (but not all) these steps start on 8. Practice your counting, and watch the demo to make sure you’ve got it.
  • Memorize the order of the moves. Practice them over and over in your head.
  • Practice each transition separately.
  • Don’t rush. You’re gonna want to, but resist. The slow tempo leaves “empty spaces” for you to fill out with juicy movement.
  • We purposely did not demo this routine showing the back view. That doesn’t train your memory. I’m serious about learning, not giving you a crutch. It may be frustrating, but think of it as tough love. Heavier on the love than the toughness.
  • Practice, practice, practice. This is the PERFECT sort of routine to work on these moves I’ve been teaching.
  • Have fun! But you already knew that.

Written Choreography

(Begins 30 seconds into song; 3 phrases long or about 1 min.)

8- Shorty George forward
8- Apple Jacks backward (or stay in place)
8- Shorty George forward
8- Apple Jacks backward (or stay in place)

8- Boogie drops L, Boogie Drops R
8- Suzie Q to L (small steps if possible)
8- Suzie Q to R (small steps if possible)
8- Lock turn (double kick 1, 2; rock step 3, 4; lock on 5, turn 6, 7, 8 )

Solo Jazz tile8- New Move to R
8- New Move to L8- Swivels forward (or stay in place) starting on R
8- Scoot back 1-4, bounce 5- 8

Check out the whole course! Watch Lindy Hop Steps Made Easy: Solo Jazz.

What did you think of the routine? What was the hardest transition? Let me know in the comments!

Wallingford Wiggles
by Glenn Crytzer
Copyright ©2010 All Rights Reserved
Recorded 2011 by Glenn Crytzer and his Syncopators on “Harlem Mad”

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