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Have you ever seen a group of advanced dancers talking in a corner, showing each other cool moves and ideas back and forth? I see it all the time. And then you’re like, “What are they working on?? Argh!! I want to know so I can try it too!”

Good dancers like to keep it fresh. We constantly challenge ourselves to experiment and innovate. It’s that exciting moment when new ideas are being created, shared, and tested that Lindy Makers is modeled after.

How It Works

lindy-makers-login-imageWant a personal look into the brains of advanced dancers? On Lindy Makers, we’ll share our latest and greatest ideas with you.

Each month, you get one new video challenge to transform your lindy hop. Each video is 10-20 minutes long and reveals a new advanced concept from a different featured dancer. At the end of the video, we issue the monthly challenge! You can do the challenge at whatever level you like.

Then come hang out with us in our private Lindy Makers Facebook community, only for subscribers and featured dancers. Use it to discuss this month’s video, get feedback, and meet other Lindy Makers. Definitely join the Facebook community! It will keep you motivated and entertained.

Avoid Stagnation

Why sit and wonder how to “be more musical?” I’ve got a step-by-step exercise to show you exactly how. (In fact, that’s the topic for October’s video.)

Avoid stagnation with a fresh, stimulating concept and challenge each month. Download the video, consume it at your leisure, and chat with us on the Lindy Makers Facebook community. It’s only $3/month. Yes, really!

Click here to join Lindy Makers right now. Check out the Lindy Makers website for our video schedule and FAQs. Or watch the video below to see what’s in store:

About the Project

Lindy Makers itself is an innovative new idea in the lindy hop world. I watch plenty of videos, but I’m often left wanting more. More depth, more motivation, more interactivity. More advanced concepts of a higher quality!

I figured if I want this, you probably do too. Hence, the Lindy Makers video subscription and Facebook community.

As host, I pick the brains of hidden talents and well-known dancers alike, helping trigger your own eureka moments. It’s the perfect mix of inspiration + applying yourself. Each video gives you one bite-sized, specific, actionable idea to accomplish, with plenty of fun along the way.

Dance World Takeover has always been about helping you become a better, more fulfilled (and fearless) dancer. That’s exactly what Lindy Makers is about, too.

latte by thepinkpeppercorn
Join us now for less than the cost of a latte. Because watching videos is great! And improving your dancing is even better.

Invite your friends! The more the merrier. And if you have any questions, leave ’em in the comments below.

Photo credits: Cindy Yetman (Lindy Makers cover photo), Gail (latte)