Announcement time! Dance World Takeover has a brand new commenting system, one used all over the internet: Disqus.

Oooh, shiny!

Oooh, shiny!

First, the most important question:

How do you pronounce Disqus?

I believe it’s pronounced the same as “discuss” (emphasis on the second syllable). My brain, however, sees it as “discus,” that circular disk thingy (emphasis on the first syllable). Perhaps I’ll settle on evenly emphasizing each syllable.

Do I need to create an account to comment?

You can easily sign in with Facebook, Google, or Twitter. Or you can create a Disqus account. Yes, your cat can also leave comments if they have their own account and know how to type.

Why change to Disqus?

DWT comments are already high quality, engaging, and numerous. As this site continues to grow, I need to make it easier to manage comments without losing quality or engagement. Disqus lets the DWT community:

  • Vote on and share comments
  • View a commenter’s DWT comment history
  • Follow commenters you like
  • Flag inappropriate comments (very helpful to me!)
  • View your own commenting history across DWT and any other sites which have Disqus comments enabled

All of this is amazing. Additionally, Disqus gives me a whole bunch more tools to manage comments.

What’s your goal for the DWT community?

The purpose of the DWT comment section is to further discuss the ideas outlined in the post. There are many relevant, thoughtful, humorous ideas to be shared! I want to hear them, and so do other dancers. Exchanging ideas adds to the richness of our understanding of each other, of dancing, and of the world.

What are your commenting rules?

Dance World Takeover is my own curated platform, and yet it also has some elements of a public forum. How to balance that? I created DWT Community Guidelines.

In short, contribute positively to the community: Share your ideas, stories, and experiences. Be a resource to other dancers. Talk to other commenters. Listen. Ask questions. Stay on topic. (Read more Comment Best Practices here.)

I delete inflammatory comments, though luckily I’ve only seen 6 truly bad ones of the 2000+ that have been posted on my site so far. (If you’re curious what may get your comment edited or deleted by moderators, read the Community No-Nos.)

Overall, I’m constantly impressed by the depth of contributions made by DWT fans. Let’s have more of that!

Who is moderating?

I’m the main moderator. Breanna (my virtual assistant) steps in when things get busy. We have a set of five moderation guidelines to follow, making our process more consistent.

I have a question or suggestion!

Leave a comment and let us know what you think. If you have a Disqus-specific question, check out the commenter help section on the Disqus website.