Cool announcement: Dance World Takeover got a design overhaul! If you’re reading this post, you’re looking at my new website.

Let’s have a little tour, shall we?

First off, you’ll notice the reading experience is better. That’s a huge priority on the blog. When you click on an article you see on Facebook, you’re expecting to be able to read with ease. Now you have more white space, prettier colors, and less clutter.

Secondly, DWT articles are now organized into categories based on a survey of my email list. You can see those in the side bar under “Riveting Topics.” Or browse the Archives page for a full listing.

Dance World Takeover now has its own logo. Perfect for t-shirts, mugs, handkerchiefs, cufflinks, press-on tattoos, and helicopter landing pads.

Thirdly, I’m highlighting a selection of articles especially for newcomers, the Beginner Dancer’s Survival Guide. This reading list will continue to evolve as I add new articles. Feel free to direct your newbies directly to that page.

Fourthly, you’ll notice a fancy-schmancy email sign-up form in the upper right corner. Last week, I upgraded my newsletter format. Now my subscribers get exclusive weekly dance tips. A lovely reader from Cambodia even wrote me to say thanks. You can read her email and learn about The Pulse by clicking here.

And now, it’s my turn to say thanks.

My designer Ally Stoneham deserves most of the credit for DWT’s much-needed makeover. Working with her has been exciting and energizing. For months I knew I wanted to redesign my site. When I saw her work, I knew it was time. She made my vision come to reality, and now I’m inspired to write more than ever!

If you too would like to hire Ally for some awesome design work, you can get her contact info on her website. Thanks Ally!!

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