Student Feedback

“Rebecca gave me very good technical advice on improving the basics. The very next day, I could feel a difference in how I danced. I also learned how to improve my self-awareness by looking in the mirror and watching videotape of myself dancing. I really like the videotape at the end. It was a great benefit in the lesson.” -Mark Bonicillo


Past Workshops

Lindy Hop Back-to-Basics I

Who: Dancers with 1-18 months experience who are ready to take a close look at the swing out.

This month, you’ll discover the secrets of the swing out, lindy hop’s signature move. You’ll also learn better stretch connection, crucial Charleston footwork drills, and improved rhythm. You’ll continue making your movement more intentional and fluid. You’ll work on a total of 10 different moves.

Lindy Hop Foundations

Who: Anyone with 0-8 months lindy hop. Appropriate for complete beginners.

This month, you’ll get the hang of all the basic lindy hop steps and moves. We also introduce swing rhythm, pulse, the two types of connection, matching and complementary movement, and basic footwork drills. After taking this Intensive, you’ll have 10 essential 6- and 8-count moves you can use on the social dance floor.

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Photos by Cindy Yetman