Learn the boogie drop this week! And you’ll get a surprise next week (wink, wink).

It’s an easy solo lindy hop step, so take your time and get it right. Yes, you can half-ass it. Show me you’re better than that. Boogie drop it like it’s hot.

Here’s the Video:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

0:21 – Demonstration
0:28 – #1 Bouncing leg off the floor. DO NOT isolate the leg movement. Use your body’s up and down pulse to generate the bounce.
1:31 – #2 Lunge. I demonstrate a very low lunge. Use your body sense to work within your ability. NOTE: Bend both knees. Don’t keep the back leg straight. It doesn’t look so good.
2:42 – #3 Putting it together with counts: Bounce bounce drop, bounce bounce drop. 1 2 3, 5 6 7. Can start with either leg. Move a little with each bounce and drop.
3:30 – #4 Adding upper body coolness.
4:12 – Surprise for next week!


  • However deep you lunge, don’t let your front knee come out too far in front of your toe. Of course you’re smart and already knew that.
  • If you do try a low lunge, make sure to push out of it quickly rather than getting stuck there. If you’re getting stuck and missing the timing, don’t drop so low.
  • As I transition from one side to the other, notice how my foot pivots rather than staying glued to the floor. If the foot gets stuck instead of pivoting, you’ll do a squat instead of a lunge.
  • How do you pivot when you’re on a sticky floor? Use the “up” part of the up and down pulse your body is making. That’s when you have less friction on the floor. Great for pivoting.
  • Practicing this move might tire you out more than others. That’s okay! It’s dancing. That means it’s considerably more challenging than walking.

Solo Jazz tileLastly, make sure to review all the steps from past videos to get ready for the routine next week!

Check out the whole course! Watch Lindy Hop Steps Made Easy: Solo Jazz.

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