Survival Guide coverA peculiar thing happened over the past couple months. I finally completed a project I’ve been thinking about for the past year. It’s my first eBook: “The Beginner Dancer’s Survival Guide,” a compilation of my very best blog posts plus several new essays.

All written for beginners.

The first 1-2 years are the most vexing for a new dancer. You have so much to learn, so many questions, so much excitement! This book is meant to be your support structure, your coach, your one-person cheering squad.

In fact, it’s exactly the sort of book I needed when I first started dancing. It would have saved me a great deal of frustration and heartache.

Difficult things are often rewarding, and for me this project has been exactly that. I got to ask myself some hard questions, like: What is it that I’ve been telling beginners for the past two years on my blog? Does it come together into a cohesive worldview? And is it really helpful?

I feel very positively about the answers to these questions, though you ultimately must judge for yourself. And I hope you will, because this eBook is a great deal!

So, with much excitement and a not-undue level of nervousness, I am unleashing “The Beginner Dancer’s Survival Guide” for all the world to see.

If you are a beginner, or you know someone who is, get this book! And please send me feedback, as I’ll be updating it for future editions.

From Peter Flahiff, who recently read the Survival Guide:

“Because of the breadth of subjects, I believe Rebecca hits every single aspect or objection that a new dancer could come up with (and probably several that they haven’t thought of yet!). It’s a very inspiring and insightful read, and I believe it will be referred to as a seminal book in the life of many great dancers yet to come.”

Learn more about the Survival Guide by clicking here.

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