By engaging in the comments section on DWT, you agree to follow these guidelines.

  1. Purpose of the DWT Community
  2. Comment Best Practices
  3. Community No-Nos
  4. Upvotes & Downvotes
  5. Flagging Comments
  6. Comment Rights

1. Purpose of the DWT Community

The purpose of the DWT comment section (which lives under each post) is to further discuss the ideas outlined in the post. There are many relevant, thoughtful, humorous ideas to be shared! I want to hear them, and so do other dancers. Exchanging ideas adds to the richness of our understanding of each other, of dancing, and of the world.

2. Comment Best Practices

Contribute positively to the community: Share your ideas, stories, and experiences. Be a resource to other dancers. Talk to other commenters. Listen. Ask questions. Stay on topic. Avoid Community No-Nos.

Show basic respect to others, especially if they are part of a minority. People of color, queer people, people with disabilities, women (and others who have historically been disenfranchised) usually need more support than those in the majority.

Be aware that the power dynamic changes depending on who you are talking to. You can be part of a minority in one instance, and part of the majority in another.

If you identify as a minority your voice is especially welcome. If you have any suggestions on how DWT can support you better, please email me at

3. Community No-Nos

[Note: Sometimes comments get stuck in the spam filter. Please email if you don’t see your comment appear within a day.]

In DWT’s 3 year history, just 6 of the 2000+ comments posted here have been deleted. Your comment may be edited or deleted if the moderators feel it detracts from productive conversation.

Below, I’ve listed some of the common reasons for comment moderation, in order from “inappropriate,” at the top to “completely inappropriate” at the bottom. The more the content of your post engages in these No-Nos, the more likely it will be deleted altogether, even if it contained some decent ideas.

This list is not exhaustive. Moderators reserve the right to be human and use our guts to determine what counts as detracting or inflammatory.

3.1 Talking More Than Others

It’s poor form to dominate a conversation. Generally, your comments in a single thread should not be longer than the initial post.

3.2 Defensiveness

If you’re in the majority on a topic, listen and ask questions more than you talk, defend yourself, or defend your ideas. Why? Because your viewpoint is already well-represented in society and the media.

Ok: Here’s how I have personally experienced sexism/racism/homophobia, etc. Or: I don’t understand this point of view; can you clarify what you mean?

Not ok: Not all men/white people/straight people are like that. I feel villainized for being in the majority. Why don’t you validate the majority’s feelings/experiences more often?

3.3 Personal Criticism (ad hominem)

Explain your point of view without tearing down another person.

Ok: I don’t agree with you. I think you’re wrong about this. My opinion on this topic is…

Not ok: You’re stupid. Get out of the dance scene. I can’t believe anyone listens to this tripe. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

3.4 Excessive Use of Negative Adjectives

Explain your point of view without using negative adjectives to describe another person or their point of view.

Ok: I don’t agree with this point of view. My opinion on this topic is…

Not ok: This point of view is stupid, reductionist, patronizing, and irrelevant.

3.5 Profanity (When combined with any of the above)

Avoid the f-bomb, its variations, and acronyms which use it (e.g. wtf, gtfo, stfu, etc). Profanity is allowed if limited and used in a positive sense. When used negatively or combined with other No-Nos, it’s extremely inflammatory.

Ok: This joke is hilarious as shit!

Not ok: This shit you posted is a joke.

3.6 Bigoted Language

Avoid homophobic, racist, sexist, or other language that could otherwise be considered offensive.

4. Upvotes & Downvotes

Upvote comments which resonate with you. Downvote comments which are poorly argued, off topic, or offensive. It is kindly suggested that you do not downvote a comment merely because you disagree. Instead, please reply and explain what you disagree with.

5. Flagging Comments

Flag spam comments and those which engage in Community No-Nos. This helps moderators immensely!

6. Comment Rights

Once you submit your comment, I am free to do whatever I wish with the comment. That may include (but is not limited to) reposting it on social media, using it in a book or other publication, editing or deleting it. You are also free to reuse your comment however you like. My use of your comment does not limit what you are allowed to do with it.

Here’s the legalese version: “By posting any comments or content on this site, you give the site owner the irrevocable right to reproduce, distribute, publish, display, edit, modify, create derivative works from, and otherwise use your submission for any purpose in any form and on any media.”

Thanks for reading. Now go have fun!