PageLines- RebeccaPaul-25.jpgHey, Rebecca Brightly here.

When I first took swing dance classes in my early 20s, I completely fell in love with lindy hop. I was so excited! But I didn’t progress very fast.

I knew I was missing something.

Can you imagine being constantly frustrated from having a poor grasp on the technical aspects? That was me. I am also embarrassed to admit I was a rather awkward penguin, socially speaking. Everything held me back, from lack of confidence to confusion about how connection works.

But then I decided to dive into learning crusade. I just HAD to find the missing pieces.

Over the next 8 years, I took tons of workshops, private lessons, a year of ballet, and a year of Alexander Technique. I even chose a career (massage therapy) to learn about anatomy and body mechanics. Yes, really.

With a lot of practice and study, I finally became the dancer I always wanted to be: confident, creative, graceful, and ass kickin’. Some days, I am even fearless.

Everything I’ve got is available for YOU to learn.

I love sharing my secrets and helping dancers discover how it all works. DWT has 90 articles, numerous free resources, several online dance courses, and an eBook.

You don’t have to struggle like I did. It’s about grit, passion, dancing fearless, and finding your place.

Dance World Takeover is the outpost for serious dancers, whether you’ve been at it for 10 days or 10 years. Yes! Even beginners can fall in love with dancing! Yes! Even the greenest newbie can discover they care deeply about moving their body to music!

And yes. Even a bumbling klutz can blossom into a savvy dance geek. With a small amount of courage, getting good is definitely within your reach.