Writer and collector of stories. Author of Dance World Takeover and The Beginner Dancer’s Survival Guide. I like to jump on things.


I grew up in a three-bedroom, L-shaped house in the suburbs of Chicago. Throughout high school, I jumped hurdles and crawled through storm drainage pipes with the track and cross-country teams. I hated running, but I liked hanging out with runners. At 18, I wrote and directed a one-act play. And even though I won the Senior Art Award that year, I declined to pursue a career in art or writing because I thought I “wasn’t creative.” 

In my 20’s I discovered lindy hop, the original swing dance. I engrossed myself in understanding movement and the human body so I could better express myself. For ten years, I shared my love of dance through classes, workshops, writing, and videos.

Around the same time, I studied and practiced massage therapy and Kinesis Myofascial Integration, learning the foundations of anatomy and biomechanics that still inform my fitness and movement practice today.

I took a hiatus from writing after I gave birth five years ago. Hugo House has helped me rekindle my practice and develop a flair for creative nonfiction, my favorite form of writing.

In 2017, parkour became my new passion. Parkour connects me with a vibrant community of people who explore creative movement in urban and natural environments. Basically, I play every day. To give back, I share training videos and volunteer for Parkour Visions.

I’ve been creating things since I first put pencil to paper. From Young Authors books to numerous blogging projects, from shoddily edited Sony Handycam videos to my Lindy Hop Steps Made Easy series, my drive to create has persisted for over three decades.

I create things to explore complex ideas and connect with others. Currently I’m writing about class ambivalence, being a femme-presenting person in a culture dominated by masculinity, and why I keep scraping my shins. I parent two lovely, sometimes exasperating children with my partner Paul in Seattle.

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